The Naveo Mobile App allows you to view our iBanking site in a mobile-friendly environment. Nearly all the features in our standard iBanking site are available for your convenience, including paying a bill, transferring funds, checking balance and more.

To go mobile, download the FREE Naveo app today!

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*Before you use the app for the first time you must have a registered username and password for iBanking.

Fingerprint Authentication Enrollment Steps:

  • Log into the Naveo Mobile App
  • Select “Mobile Services” from the menu
  • Click “Manage Fingerprint”
  • Click “Fingerprint Enrollment Disclosure” and click Accept
  • If your device has fingerprint technology turned on, you will be prompted to name your device and re-enter your iBanking username and password.
  • Click Enroll
  • If your device does not have fingerprint technology turned on, go to your device settings to turn them on and then refresh the app.