It is very important to remember that Naveo Credit Union will never ask or request confirmation of personal information via unsolicited text message, email or by phone.

Unsolicited emails may contain links to our website or other sites that appear to be authentic. Be cautious about clicking on any link in an email that may take you to a fraudulent website or download malware on your computer.

Current Alerts

PHISHING ALERT: We recently were made aware of a phishing scam where a fraudulent text from Naveo is sent claiming to contain mortgage report information.

PHONE ALERT: Massachusetts citizens are being targeted with fraudulent phone calls and emails threatening them with serious action for failing to appear for jury duty. These fake jury duty claims are a form of government imposter scams where fraudsters pose as court or law enforcement officials demanding payment via gift card, cryptocurrency, or money transfer. More Information.

Additional information about phishing attempts and how to protect yourself can be found here.

Please contact us immediately if you receive suspicious emails, phone calls or text messages alleging to be from Naveo Credit Union.