Naveo is a local not-for-profit community financial institution focused on serving its members/owners. Our mission is to assist our members with their financial needs by providing them with products and services they need in a friendly, inviting environment. As stated in our motto of “Saving Together to Lend to Each Other,” we take member deposits and in-turn, lend to those who need to borrow.

As a local financial institution, we are proud to take an active role in our community by reinvesting in the community with local loans and contributions to organizations such as MAPS, Community Cooks, among many others. We are aware that individuals in our community value an institution beyond just low fees and great rates, which is why we pride ourselves on the partnerships we make with local organizations that bring value to our neighbors and members.


Naveo Credit Union, formerly Cambridge Portuguese Credit Union, was incorporated on March 2, 1928 by twenty-seven Portuguese-Americans as a place where the community could deposit their savings with confidence and borrow money at low rates of interest. In 2014, the Credit Union changed its name to Naveo Credit Union to complement the changing demographics of the area by becoming an inclusive institution, one that is welcoming to everyone in the community.


Guiding the financial lives of the people we serve – in the neighborhoods where we live.


  • Rui F. Domingos, Chief Executive Officer
  • Janet M. Cicerano, VP of Human Resources
  • Kevin George, VP of Finance
  • Albert Pinho, VP of Lending
  • Judith Murdoch, Sr. Operations & Retail Officer
  • Michael Dwyer, Operations Manager
  • Nicolle Medeiros, Retail Manager (Somerville)
  • Susie Pereira, Retail Manager (Cambridge)
  • Raquel Sa, Marketing Manager
  • Ana C. Santos, Mortgage Production Manager


As our members’ elected representatives, Naveo’s volunteer Board is committed to the organization and its members. Our Board is made up of talented individuals who volunteer their time to ensure Naveo delivers exceptional service to the community while maintaining financial strength and stability.

  • Leontina Mancini, Chairperson
  • John C. Feitor, 1st Vice Chairman
  • Isaac M. Machado, 2nd Vice Chairman
  • Charles F. McCannon, Treasurer
  • Catarina Nogueira, Assistant Treasurer
  • Paul Ferreira, Secretary/Clerk
  • Christopher Alphen
  • Manuel DaSilva
  • Charles Montemor
  • Maria L. Santos

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